Discover our creative video production process. 
1. Creative Brief
The creative brief is a document that contains questions about your company and product. It helps us understand your business and needs better. It also shows your goals and what you're looking for in animation. We need to know who your target audience is, as well as the deadline and budget. 
To ensure the best quality of the animation, each step must be fully approved before we can move on to the next stage of production.

2. Script
The script is a story that delivers the right message in a clear way. The clients know the story they want to tell better than anyone, so we’ll work with you to get the right message.
We can edit a supplied draft to ensure it will animate in an engaging way. 
3. Storyboard
A storyboard is a sketch-style document that showcases the visuals and main actions scene-by-scene. It also shows how the voiceover will match up with the visuals. The storyboard is an important part of the whole process; it helps to avoid delays later down the line.
4. Style frame and Illustrations
A style frame is a designed illustration, a frame from a storyboard that reflects the final aesthetic of animation. After you have approved the style, color palette, character design, etc. we continue with all illustrations.
5. Voice over recording
Once the script has been approved we will move ahead with the voice-over recording. We will help you choose the perfect voice for your brand.
6. Animation
Now the real magic happens. At this stage, we will animate illustrations and the story will take its final form. The animation process is time-consuming but also very rewarding.
At this point any changes to the VO recording may impact workflow, timing, and costs, so we try to avoid it as much as possible.
7. Audio
In this step, we will be happy to show you a few licensed background music options so you can select one that fits your taste. 
8. Render and final delivery
Your animation is exported and delivered to you. Now you can relax and rock the world with your new animation.
If you have any questions and need more
information about our process please do not hesitate to contact us.
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